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DISNEY+ DAY 2021!!!!

Disney+ Day 2021 is fast approaching (this Friday Nov 12) and we CAN NOT WAIT for all the new specials, movies, and shows premiering on our favorite streaming service! If you’re not already a Disney+ member (what are you waiting for?) this is a great time to try it out as in celebration of Disney+ Day it is being offered at a reduced rate of $1.99 for a month (sign up by Nov 14th to take advantage of this deal)! And believe me, it’s been more than worth the regular $7.99 a month! Below, we’ll talk about what’s being released on the streaming service in celebration of its 2-year anniversary, but Disney is also treating fans to a number of other special treats as well.

If you happen to be at a Disney park on the 12th and are a Disney+ member, you’ll be invited to enter the parks a half an hour before regular opening! 30 minutes may not seem like a lot, but anyone who visits the parks can tell you it’s a pretty cool experience to get to just walk through a park with such low crowd levels, or to run to your favorite attraction that usually has that 2 hour wait before everyone else! If you’re in the mood to do some online shopping, ShopDisney is offering FREE shipping from Nov 12-14, while also releasing some brand new merch as well! Disney publishing is also releasing special e-books related to some of Disney+’s favorite shows like “Loki” and “The Mandalorian” (for just a buck)! And something that many people are buzzing about, it looks like Disney is entering the NFT space by releasing new digital collectibles (from Veve) based on more of our favorite Disney properties.

Finally, one more fun partnership celebrating Disney+ Day is between Disney and AMC theaters where for just $5 you can get a ticket to a surprise showing of a random (that’s right you don’t know what it is until the movie starts) Disney property! That’s not all though. With that ticket you’ll also get a special poster commemorating the day, and a coupon for a soda and popcorn!

With all these special events and offers, Disney+ Day is a great day for all Disney fans! But, let’s get to the main reason we celebrate this day, Disney+ itself. Aside from the $1.99 for the first month offer, Disney+ Day is all about dropping new material on our favorite streaming service. This Disney+ Day has a wide range of offerings that we are totally excited about and we have a what’s been announced so far below, but that doesn’t mean that Disney might not have some more surprises up its sleeve for us this Friday! Check out the list below (and some of our comments) and then continue the conversation by letting us know what YOU are most excited about for Disney+ Day over on our FB page!


  • Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings – We are MOST excited about this! We LOVE Marvel, but didn’t get the chance to see this in the theaters. Definitely the headline release for this Disney+ Day!

  • Jungle Cruise – After it’s Disney+ Premiere run, the attraction based film starring the Rock is now arriving for FREE on Disney+! We did purchase it back when it came out and I have to say we really enjoyed it. Many great nods to the attraction, but with a new fund story!

  • Enchanted – a surprising classic for us. When I first heard of this film I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but we often find ourselves singing “How Does She Know” whenever it pops on!

  • Spin


  • Home Sweet Home Alone – We LOVE Home Alone at our house (our son has already watched the original film at least 5 times since Nov 1). We also enjoyed the sequel and thought #3 was fun as well, but they definitely fall off after this. Hoping that this series will bring a new entertaining spin to the franchise with just enough nostalgic touches to reach my 90’s kid heart!

  • Olaf Presents (shorts) – I keep hoping its like an animated version of Luis from Ant-Man recapping our favorite Disney tales! I’m personally not a huge fan of Frozen, but Olaf is definitely the scene stealer of the film so we’re hoping for the best!

  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum Season 2 – an enjoyable first season that was enough to make me want to keep watching. Definitely something you can throw on in the background while working around the house and still enjoy.


  • Ciao Alberto – WE LOVE LUCA! Can’t want to jump back into Portorosso…Santa Mozzarella!

  • The Simpson In Plusaversary – we’ll see? Not a huge fan of the Simpsons but we know many are. Personally, we’d love to see Disney work out a trade with Universal where they swap the Simpsons for returning the rights to Marvel characters (Captain America in WDW anyone?!)

  • Short collection from Walt Disney Animation Studios


  • Fancy Nancy Season 3 – A new season of the Disney Jr. show is being added.

  • Entrelazados (Intertwined) - An Argentinian series that has Freaky Friday and time travel elements?

SPECIALS – a number of Star Wars and Marvel specials focusing on the making of and background of upcoming series and recent films!

  • Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett

  • Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney+ Day Special

  • The Making of Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

  • Marvel Assembled: The Making of Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Marvel Studios Legends: Hawkeye

BONUS – I THINK (emphasis on the think) that I heard somewhere (can’t remember now of course) that we also might be getting a little teaser trailer of the Kenobi series! I HOPE THIS HAPPENS!!!!!!

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