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Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers: Easter Egg Hunt

This past Friday (May 20th) we celebrated our son Lincoln’s 5th birthday. You might ask yourself, what would this 5 year old boy want to do to celebrate such a milestone? Have a huge birthday maybe, or go to the zoo, or a baseball game…while he definitely enjoys all those things, he only wanted to do one thing when we got home from school/work that night. Have a movie night with mom and dad, complete with popcorn and candy, and watch the new Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers movie on Disney+!

(of course he had to open some present first lol)

Having Disney addicts for parents means that you’re going to be exposed to all the wonderful Disney things we grew up with in the late 80s and 90s including the most excellent Disney Afternoon cartoons! Duck Tales, TailSpin, and of course Rescue Rangers were all a part of our childhood growing up, and Lincoln has hopped on board as well. While most kids today might be watching Spongebob, Lincoln prefers these classics… and we couldn’t be happier. We consistently find ourselves singing along with the theme songs and watching the episodes right along with him. And of these shows, Rescue Rangers has definitely become his favorite, so it’s of no surprise that when we heard about the new movie coming out we were counting down the days for it to drop…we just got really lucky it was on his actual birthday!

Leading up to its release we had altering feelings about what was coming. At first, we were super excited when they announced the project. Then we started seeing little bits and pieces of it and couldn’t really make sense of what was coming. This made us a little concerned that it wouldn’t live up to our expectations. However, those concerns were unwarranted in the end. We really enjoyed the film. It was a perfect mix of nostalgia and some more modern elements to make this both a familiar, yet new experience. For Lincoln, the visual gags were enough, for us, bringing us back to our childhood with so many easter-eggs was a blast.

And so instead of doing a more traditional recap/review of the film, we decided to try and list as many of those easter eggs that we could find watching the film! Below are 58 that we found (but we are sure there are more that we missed). Our very brief recommendation: WATCH THE MOVIE and just have fun!!! It will most likely surprise you if you don’t criticize every frame, but instead treat it as a blast from your childhood. We’ll definitely be watching it again (actually probably another 30 times at least the way Lincoln liked it). After you’ve had a chance to watch the movie and check out our list below, head over to our FB page and let us know what you thought of the film and if you found any other Easter Eggs we should add to the list!!!!!!!









  1. Opening Credit Scene - the Disney castle consists of various castles from Disney films (Frozen, Aladdin, and Little Mermaid).

  2. Lunch room scene: students inspired by: the Simpsons, Daria

  3. Chip has a Knight Rider lunchbox

  4. Chip has a Mickey Mouse lamp (scene eating pizza)

  5. Transformer in audience of talent show

  6. A greyhound is the Greyhound busdriver

  7. Chip and Dale make an appearance in the background of a Full House episode

  8. Poster of Chip and Dale’s favorite poster “The Krispy Cow”

  9. We get a few clips of the Rescue Rangers show! (including the voice of Jim Cummings!)

  10. Guests (Cameos) during party scene: DJ Cat and Paula Abdul, 3 little pigs, Roger Rabbit (doing the Roger Rabbit!)

  11. Gadget in a relationship with…ZIPPER!!!!!!

  12. Chip sings “Now That We’ve Found Love” (by Heavy D and the Boys) when walking into his trailer

  13. James Bond reference with Dale’s new show

  14. Dale dressed as MC Hammer doing the hammer dance

  15. (Cameos/References) in the FanCon audience: Sailor Moon, Moana, Bro Thor, Wizard of Oz (Ruby slipper), mouse dressed as Princess Leia, live action version of Baloo (singing Bear Necessities), Lumiere, “Ugly Sonic” (and his horrifying teeth), Tigra

  16. Reference to Shaun the Sheep at Chip’s office

  17. Little Mermaid’s Flounder is one of the missing toons on the news

  18. In Chip’s freezer we get references to Frozone (Incredibles), Ice Age, and Looney Tunes

  19. Alvin and the Chipmunks playing on TV

  20. Stars on the “walk of fame”: Squidward, Samurai Jack, Yogi Bear, Chun Li

  21. Movie Posters (throughout movie) : Fast & the Furious Babies, Mr. Doubtfire starring Meryl Streep, Batman vs. E.T., Waze (app) The Movie,

  22. Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter is the model on the Gucci poster

  23. Reference to the Chip and Dales male strippers (Dale working there?)

  24. Cops references: Cop car from the film Cars, Donut cops from Wreck It Ralph, JK Simmons is the voice of the Gumby like police chief.

  25. Billboards(throughout movie) for: Johnny Barvo’s Gym, Funny and Porkchop attorney’s (Doug), Lego Miserables, Greedo (Star Wars),

  26. Dale’s license plate is VIP MUNK

  27. More cameos: Phineas and Ferb’s mom, Colonel from 101 Dalmations,

  28. Chip references Jessica Rabbit when they are tied up

  29. Cats from Cats the Musical

  30. Chip and Dale reference “Polar Express eyes” when meeting the dwarf

  31. Unwanted Merch: misprinted Pixar balls and Shrek body wash

  32. Peter Pan (grown up) is the villain with the Coca Cola polar bear henchman

  33. There’s an ad for cologne by Pepe LePew on back of magazine the polar bear is reading

  34. Bootleg Knock off movies: Beauty and the Cursed Dog Man (Beauty and the Beast), Jasper the Dead Ghost Kid (Casper), Spaghetti Dogs (Lady and the Tramp)

  35. Other Movie references: The Shining (hole in wooden door), Tangled (doll with hair pulling out)

  36. Bootleg Knock off characters (throughout movie): Simpsons (Sideshow Bob), Little Mermaid (flounder), Cinderella (Gus Gus), Snow White (dwarf), Garfield,

  37. Chip and Dale in diff animation styles: Lilo and Stitch, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, “Snoopy” (Chips ear),

  38. Rescue Rangers took a pic in front of the castle at Disney World

  39. Beavis and Butt Head refrecned → Senator Butthead!

  40. Various character references on wall display: Rocky and Bullwinkle, Smurfs, Jimmy Neutron hair, Jiminy Cricket hat, Mickey Mouse hand, Kingdom Hearts Key blade, Pink Panther, Robin Hood's hat, MANY MORE!!!

  41. More FanCon character cameos/references: Kronk’s New Groove poster, Paul Rudd, Funko Pop, My Little Pony, The Sims (a person has the diamond above them), Rick and Morty, Masters of the Universe, Borat, PeeWee Herman (in wheelchair), Ash Ketchem, Miguel from Coco, Voltron, Doc McStuffins, Chip and Dale slide down a Dinosaur’s back like in The Flinstones, Ace Ventura, and a Monty Python booth,

  42. They reference Chip and Dale’s costumes from Rescue Rangers were based on Indiana Jones and Magnum PI (great Indiana Jones score usage)

  43. References to Seth Rogen's voice acting: Pumba, Mantis (KungFu Panda), and BOB from Monsters vs. Aliens

  44. Character design from Big Mouth in office

  45. DIP (acid from Roger Rabbit) makes an appearance

  46. Zipper gets a voice! A DEEP voice…Dennis Haysbert > The “All State Guy”

  47. Fireworks make the iconic Mickey head

  48. Peter Pan’s (final version) includes characters like: Optimus Prime, Woody from Toy Story, Wreck It Ralph,

  49. More knock-off movies and characters being filmed: Pooj the Fat Honey Bear (Pooh, Tigger, Piglet), The Simpsons(Homer and Bart), Pete as Aladdin, Apu, Woody the Woodpecker, Samurai Jack, Fred Flintstone, Patrick Starr, Mighty Mouse, Finneas, Launchpad McQuack, Jiminy Cricket, Kaa from Jungle Book, Bambi, Princess and the Frog, Dumbo (ears on Monterey Jack), Care Bear

  50. Jurassic Park reference when banner falls down when “final form Peter” roars

  51. Credits: Fonts from Star Wars and Avatar used

  52. Credit References: Gummy Bear tv show, Hannibal Lecter, Disney+,

  53. More Knock off films/music in credits: Matilda, Forrest Gump, Now That's What I Call, Lion King, Winnie the Pooh,

  54. Scrooge McDuck is on the money in the film

  55. Vin Diesel makes a cameo as being in the next Rescue Rangers

  56. Poster for Paul Rudd’s “AUNT-MAN”

  57. Really cool homage to the OG Disney Afternoon toons like: RR, Duck Tales, TailSpin, Gargoyles, AND MANY MORE on a Smash Bros like video game

  58. Ends with a DarkWing Duck cameo!

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