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Hey Ohana, we have some exciting news...

We've jumped headfirst into the podcast world with not one but TWO new Disney podcasts!!!!

The "Married to A Disney Addict" Podcast

The Married to a Disney Addict podcast will be our flagship show and is really just a chance for us to continue having the insane amount of fun we've been having with our AWESOME community (you guys, the Ohana)! On our weekly episodes we'll explore various Disney topics, share our thoughts on some of the latest Disney news and rumors, have some fun with various segments like Would You Rather and Disney Fantasy Drafts, and most importantly, share our Disney stories!


BUT (and this is the biggest part of the show) we want YOU to not only be a listener, but to be a part of the show! That's why on each episode we'll invite members of the Ohana to join us to share in the fun and share their Disney stories as well!


So be sure to check out the Married to A Disney Addict podcast every week, wherever you listen to Awesome podcasts (USE THIS LINKTREE TO FIND US)! And if YOU'D like to like to join us on air or if you just have a great idea for an episode you'd like us to do please (PLEASE) reach out to us and let us know!!!



The "Raising Disney Addicts" Podcast

After seeing Dad (aka Matt) start working on a Disney podcast, Lincoln (our son) asked, "Can I do that?"  and we thought, who are we to deny our little Disney addict the chance to talk Disney with all of you!

So here we are. Lincoln and Matt are going to try and do an episode every other week on various topics that Lincoln is interested in. While Matt will work to guide the conversation (otherwise it'd only focus on "what if Iron Man...") Lincoln will essentially get free reign on where the conversation goes. 

The episode will be a mixture of info and tips/tricks from Matt, but highlighted with the experience and input of a kid! Each episode will be between 10-30 minutes in length (that's usually the extent of time we can keep Lincoln in one spot lol) so it will be perfect to listen to with the little as well! And as anything with a kid, sometimes it might be more Lincoln centered, other times more Matt centered depending on Lincoln's level of interest haha, but don't worry it'll be fun either way! (and who knows, maybe Lincoln will let mom jump on from time to time too!) 

Just like everything else in the Married to A Disney Addict community, we want YOU to get involved! We'd love to hear from you with suggestions on topics you'd like Lincoln and Matt to cover or with any questions you (or your littles) might have! We know Lincoln would LOVE to hear from other kids! 

(Use the links below to find RDA on Spotify and Apple). 



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