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Head to Head: Homecomin' vs. Wine Bar George Brunch

HEAD to HEAD: Homecomin’ vs. Wine Bar George Brunch

We LOVE Disney and we LOVE to eat, so it should come as no surprise that we REALLY LOVE to eat in DISNEY! We’ve been lucky enough to visit WDW multiple times and to try out many of the restaurants they offer, but we have been by no means to everyone. Whether that is because there are just so many available, they close down, or simply because we tend to return to our favorites over and over again, we do try to squeeze in 1-2 new places every time we’re able to visit.

During our most recent stay (Aug 12-23, 2021) we decided to try two new places for the first time and while we will have to return to both at some point soon for dinner, this trip we decided on that glorious “meal-between-meals” brunch! For this Head to Head (a series in which we’ll pit 2 things against each other) we enjoyed the brunch offerings at two very popular Disney Springs eateries: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ and Wine Bar George. Without giving too much away at the start, we’ll just say…don’t read on if you’re hungry!

“Contestant” One: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Let’s talk about Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ first, not because it’s the better option (it might be), but because it’s where we ate first. Prior to our trip, we had heard so many amazing things about this place and especially its fried chicken, that it had been on our must try list for a while! We arrived around 10am and felt right at home inside. The server quickly arrived and took a drink order - Krystle of course had to try the Blueberry Mimosa (is it really even brunch if you don’t get a Mimosa)? She enjoyed it very much and suggests it if you want a little different spin on the traditional orange drink. We wouldn’t normally order an appetizer in the morning (even though it was brunch we were all really in the mood for breakfast plates), but the “Church Lady Deviled Eggs” looked too good to pass up…and boy were we right to get them! Decadent and topped with a large, crispy, smoky piece of bacon, how could we not! You DEFINITELY want to try these!

For our main meals, Lincoln (our 4 year old) ordered the kids French toast which came with a choice of 2 sides (he went with bacon and a cheddar biscuit). As a picky eater, he devoured the French toast and bacon, and while rest of us enjoyed our biscuits, he didn’t seem to really like it too much. (DISCOLSURE: He’s a very picky eater). I went with the traditional breakfast plate which they call the “Grand-Daddy Plate” complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham (yes both), a cheddar biscuit AND a choice of 2 sides. I went with the fresh fruit and just because calories don’t count at Disney…Mac n Cheese! Overall, this plate was good, it was a large portion, and everything was basically an elevated version of the standard breakfast you’d get around property. I will say that the Mac n’ Cheese is SUPER rich (the amount of butter and cheese used is honestly a little much), but tasty overall. Krystle probably made the smartest decision at our table, taking the raves about the fried chicken to heart and ordered the Fried Chicken and Doughnuts. Let’s start by saying the hype is real! The fried chicken is juicy with a crispy skin and tastes amazing. The plate comes with homemade sugar doughnuts and a choice of side. If you’re only going to get one plate…THIS IS IT.

Everything we ate was delicious and we would highly recommend brunch at Homecomin’ to anyone! However, we will say 2 things: 1) Come Hungary and 2) This is NOT the place for health conscious individuals as everything is cooked in butter and of hearty portions. But again, calories don’t count in Disney so…

“Contestant” Two: Wine Bar George

Our second brunch adventure this trip again took us to Disney Springs to Wine Bar George. WBG has a very different feel than Homecomin’ as while the latter feels more like you’re entering a southern home for some home cooking, Wine Bar George immediately looks like it leans toward the bar side of things. Upon entering, you’re immediately met with a large bar in the center of the room and bar seating around. We were actually taken up to the second floor for our table (but this floor also has a smaller bar to one side). The menu is also not as extensive as Homecomin’ and seems to focus on a few plates.

We’ll start again with Lincoln who again is a picky eater. Here he once again ordered the French Toast (comes with strawberries and blueberries on top), but unlike Homecomin’ his options were much more limited as the kids menu is pretty bare. He also did not seem to enjoy the French toast as much as what he got at Homecomin, but he did still eat it. One thing of note is that no side was included (this is true for basically ALL the plates at WBG) AND they don’t have chocolate milk for kids. Krystle went with the Sausage gravy and biscuits. The gravy was tasty but sparse, and while the menu states you get bacon with the dish, it’s not a side of bacon but some crumbled bacon on top of the biscuits. It was a nice touch, but again sparse. I went with my brunch order of choice, Eggs Benedict (confession…I LOVE eggs benedict). The eggs were cooked perfectly and the chicken sausage in place of the traditional Canadian bacon was a nice twist. They add a little arugula as well which added a little crisp to the dish which was nice. Overall, this was a tasty meal, but like the other plates, is not a very big portion and with no side, I found myself still hungry once I was done.

I may have saved the best for last and it just goes to show what Wine Bar George really seems to focus on…the bar. Much like we mentioned with Homecomin’ is it really brunch if you don’t have a mimosa? Krystle ordered what she called one of the best mimosas she’s ever had – the Frozcato Mimosa made with DOLE Whip pineapple (YES, THAT DOLE WHIP)! Krystle enjoyed this immensely and highly suggests anyone who likes a mimosa to stop in and get one.

“WINNER” – Homecomin’

While we enjoyed our meals at both locations, Homecomin’ knocked it out of the park! The meals were tasty, plentiful, and offered just the right combo of new and familiar that you just can’t go wrong. We also enjoyed the atmosphere much more for brunch at Homecomin’ as we felt more at home, while at WBG we kind of felt a little forgotten upstairs. However, if we were looking for a nice bar setting to grab a couple drinks and a bite, WBG might have felt more in place. The menu at Homecomin’ was also more fleshed out and varied than what felt like a bare (or in-the-works) menu at WBG. We do have to give props to Wine Bar George though for that mimosa. I mean come on…it is made with DOLE Whip!

If you’re going to Homecomin’ – get the Deviled Eggs and at least one person at your table has to get the fried chicken and doughnuts for everyone to at least try! Go hungry and don’t plan on a big dinner after as we felt stuffed for a while. If you’re headed to Wine Bar George, the food is tasty, but it was not super filling so you may want to actually order a side with your meal. We didn’t order any appetizers here, but the table next to us ordered the fried Mac n’ Cheese bites and they looked pretty good! The star here is the bar (they have a lot of good looking options), but the Frozcato is a MUST!

Either place is a good spot to grab some brunch, but if you have to choose one and have the option, we’d suggest Homecomin’ every time. Now we just have to see what dinner is like at both!

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