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REVIEW: La Creperie

Hey Ohana,

As Disney World fans, I’m sure like us, all of you have your go-to restaurants that you make sure you grab first when your ADR window opens. We spend weeks pre-planning our desired reservations, wake up at 5:30am 60 days before our arrival, and quickly begin scouring the MDE app to try and get our most coveted spots…if we’re lucky. Many of you have probably also noticed that this has been getting harder and harder as well with the parks being so busy.

However, one thing we do try and ensure we do with each visit is try at least 1 new dining location. During our most recent trip in June we of course had to get reservations to Space220, but unfortunately we were unable to make it at the time we snagged. We did however, get to try another new place in EPCOT in the new Remy area of the France pavilion. La Creperie.

This new sit down location is located in the building to the right as you make your way toward the main attraction building. Like a few other sit down locations in EPCOT (e.g. Via Napoli, Nine Dragons, etc…) La Creperie also includes a quick service window on the side as well if you’re looking for a faster experience. We got the chance to eat inside so we didn’t have the opportunity to check out the QS window, however there was a pretty long line as we walked by and we did notice the menu is definitely not the same as inside.

The inside of the restaurant is designed to give you the feeling of being in a clean, minimalist French café. It is definitely smaller than most other locations in Disney and honesty there isn’t anything very special about the design over all. Simple black and white photos line the walls, basic tables and chairs in neat lines, and a very plain table setting add to the fresh albeit “non-Disney” like feel. Honestly, if the windows didn't overlook the new Ratatouille courtyard, you might feel like you were in the continental breakfast area of a business hotel.

(Your paper menu serves as your place mat as well. Photo cred: touring plans)

The menu at La Creperie is on the smaller side and as the name implies is literally almost made up entirely of crepes. Even to the extent of not having the standard chicken fingers or PBJ kids meal available so be sure everyone in your party is on board for crepes before booking. The menu offers both a prix fixe and ala carte options. There are 2 “starters” including a salad and a soup (the only non crepe dishes in the place). No one in our party tried either of these dishes as we were there for breakfast. The main part of the menu includes the “meal or savory” crepes ad the “desert or sweet” crepes. (see pic). If you decide to go the prix fixe route you are intitled to a starter, meal, and desert.

(The only difference we saw between the "adult" and "kid" sized crepe was the adult options included the added meat or egg on top. Photo cred:

Now, while in most restaurant reviews, we’d spend more time on the main menu and just glance over the kids menu, we’re going to do this one a little different. The kid menu is essentially a pared down version of the main menu, but when ordering off this menu the meal includes both a savory and a sweet crepe (not all regular ones are offered as part of the kid meal, but there is still a good variety). The reason why we’re going to spend a little more time on the kids menu though is because of the following PRO TIP: Adults can order the kid meal! Which all of us did during our visit! The meal is about the same size but for HALF THE PRICE! We each got a savory crepe (including the ham and cheese, and brie crepes) and a desert crepe (trying the red berries and hazelnut spread ones). In our opinion, if one of the regular menu options doesn’t jump out at you, there is no reason not to go with the kids meal option and save the money. Also, if you’re on the fence of even going here in the first place, but want to “cross if off the bucket list” this option might make it a little easier justifying grabbing a table.

(Menu Enfant is there kids menu which adults can order and is more than enough portion wise.)

Overall, this new location was…OK. We can’t really complain about the food other than crepes really aren’t our thing to begin with. We definitely think it’s more of a breakfast place for this same reason. However, if you love crepes, than La Creperie is probably a good option for you. The quality of food was good, the interior nice, and as always, the Cast Members were great (wondering if it will be staffed by French CM’s when international CMs return to EPCOT). It’s also important to remember that if you’re dying to try the crepes but can’t get a reservation (we did see a few people turned away trying to just do a walk up) you can always grab one from the outside QS window. While we definitely can’t say this is going on our must-do list, we also won’t completely write it off for a future visit.

As always, we appreciate you guys following along and want to know what YOU think! So be sure to head over to our FB group and continue the conversation by letting us know if you’ve gotten the chance to visit La Creperie and what you thought.

See Ya Real Soon!

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