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Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Disney World

In honor of Valentine's Day, we thought now would be the best time to talk about something that might not usually jump to the front of your mind when discussing Disney…romance. Now of course I’m sure many of you have seen the popular social media clips of people proposing in front of the castle (actually where we got engaged lol), but today we’re going to instead focus on romantic things you and your significant other can do while visiting Walt Disney World.

Matt: #5 - Jellyrolls

One of the only adults-only locations in WDW, Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar located at the Boardwalk resort. While this is the perfect spot to escape the kiddos, you definitely won’t be getting away from the hootin’ and hollerin! The pianists here are not just great musicians, but funny as well. They put on an awesome, audience-engaged show that will have you signing along and laughing all night long. Get here early to grab a table, enjoy a couple drinks and have a blast. (Just be aware that there is a cover charge to get in).

(Located right on the Boardwalk - the stroll to and from Jellyrolls is romantic itself!)

Krystle #5 - Fireworks Cruise

We all love Disney fireworks and while simply sitting on the HUB grass in front of the castle or finding a spot in EPCOT to watch the nighttime fireworks show can be romantic, wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t surrounded by thousands of other people? If you really want the chance to take in the spectacular Disney fireworks with your loved one, then booking a fireworks cruise is a great choice. While you won’t be totally alone (the cruises hold about 10 people) it is a much more romantic experience. Offered both on the Seven Seas Lagoon and at World Showcase you get your choice of show. The cost of the ticket ($399) includes snacks and beverages!

(A truly beautiful view of the fireworks from Seven Seas Lagoon)

Matt #4 - Dine in the Sky

This used to actually be an official, ticketed option before COVID and we’re really hoping that it will return soon (originally called the Highway in the Sky Dine Around).. The original package saw you start at the Contemporary for a drink and appetizer, then take the monorail over to the Polynesian for more of the same. Your next stop brought you the Grand Floridian where even more appetizers and drinks awaited you before having a main course at Citricos. You would then head to your last stop, the Contemporary once again, to end your night with dessert and cordials paired with an exclusive view of the MK fireworks! However, even with the official package not being offered right now, there’s no reason you couldn’t create your own “monorail crawl”! You’d even get the opportunity to decide where you want to start and finish and make it your own. Make reservations for the various restaurants on the loop or just pop into the lounges that offer walk-in service. However, you decide to enjoy, it can truly be a very romantic night.

Krystle #4 - Stroll the Showcase

I guess I’ll build off a similar idea to Matt’s dine in the sky, and that’s to basically do the same thing but around the World Showcase in EPCOT. We absolutely LOVE strolling through the various countries any time of day, but nothing beats the glow of the lights at night time. Spending a night arm-in-arm with Matt taking in the culture, sights, and food and drinks as we go from one country to the next is magical. You can customize this however you like too making it even more special. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, enjoy the bars and lounges for an adult beverage, sneak into an often overlooked corner (like Tutto Gusto in Italy), and take in everything EPCOT has to offer. And what better way to end your night than enjoying the fireworks. (BONUS POINTS if you visit during one of EPCOTs festivals!)

(While World Showcase is beautiful during the day, there's just something about strolling around at night. Some of our fav night-time pavilions: UK, France, Japan, and Italy.)

Matt #3 - Dessert Party (surprise surprise, another food one lol)

If fireworks are your thing, but you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on the fireworks cruise, another great option to enjoy the show among a smaller crowd is to purchase a ticket for one of the Dessert Parties. Disney offers a variety of these events (mostly at Magic Kingdom, but also at some of the other parks at times). These parties offer a select number of tickets to a sectioned off area so you’re not as crowded (e.g Tomorrowland Terrace in MK for the desserts and then a separate area to view), B]but the main event here is definitely the snacks. Chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, ice cream, beverages and much more are included for you to enjoy. They even offer specialty parties at different times of year like Halloween and Christmas! (Prices vary)

Krystle #3 - Couples Massage at one of the Resorts

A couples massage might be pretty straight forward when it comes to romantic things to do in general, but I know many people who are so surprised to learn that this is actually an option in Walt Disney World. WDW normally offers a number of spa options at various hotels (e.g. Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Yacht Club, etc…), but due to COVID only the Grand Floridian spa is currently open. Unwinding and relaxing with your loved one is definitely one of the most romantic things you can do (especially after running around the parks chasing your kids all week in our case). The spas also offer a number of other services for you to enjoy if a massage is not your thing.

Matt #2 - Tutto Gusto - (or really any lounge)

As a card-carrying Italian-American, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a stop to the most romantic country in the world. And even though Krystle mentioned it in strolling the showcase earlier, I have to include enjoying a romantic drink and bite at an often overlooked spot in EPCOT’s Italian pavilion, Tutto Gusto. Tucked away on the left side of the pavilion Tutto Gusto is inspired by an Italian wine cellar with over 200 bottles of Italian wines, as well as Italian beers and small plates. The ambiance, designed to emulate an actual wine cellar with its stone arches and wood accents, is a great spot to just enjoy each other's company. However, Disney does offer a number of other themed lounges you can check out (e.g. Enchanted Rose at the Grand Floridian, Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian, Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom, and Geyser Point at Wilderness lodge are some of our favorites) with different drink and food specials!

(The ambiance of Tutto Gusto really makes you feel like you're in the wine cellar of a manor somewhere in the Italian countryside)

Krystle #2 - Savor the Savanna Tour -

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the Savor the Savanna tour at Animal Kingdom offers you the chance to get a little “wild.” One of my favorite rides in WDW is Kilimanjaro Safari and the fact that this tour gives you elite access to the savanna with a private safari makes it a must do. This tour isn’t as physically demanding as the Wild Africa Trek (which requires you spend time hiking through and above the safari) as you get to enjoy the private tour from the back of safari vehicle and enjoy going “off-track” to get up close and personal with the animals! But the best part of this adventure is the breath-taking BOMA (an elevated, covered platform) that gives you amazing views of the savanna. It’s here that you will get the chance to indulge in African-inspired tapas and beer and wine! Reservations are required for this add-on which runs about $175 per person.

Matt # 1 - Dinner at CA Grill

While many people may not immediately think “theme park” when deciding on a romantic restaurant, we have to say that is definitely NOT the case at WDW. While many people can definitely find a romantic spot anywhere that has a sentimental reason behind it, you can also easily find the more “traditionally romantic” atmospheres at a number of restaurants on property (especially if you venture out of the parks and visit some of the Disney resorts). Our personal favorite has to be California Grill at the very top of the Contemporary resort. The food is great, the wine selection amazing, but the real show stopper here is the view. Overlooking 7 Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom it is truly beautiful. For optimal romance, you want to get a reservation around 8pm and ask for a table near the windows. That way you get to enjoy your meal with an awe-inspiring view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks! The restaurant even pumps in the sound from the show for you to enjoy!!!! (Oh and order the chocolate souffle!)

(I mean...come one. Does it get any better than this?)

Krystle #1 - A Resort Only Stay

We all love the Disney parks and as you can see, it’s easy to find ways to bring a little romance to a trip to WDW. While most of us visit Disney to enjoy the world class theme parks one of the most romantic things I can think of is forgoing the hustle and bustle of the parks and instead opting for a resort only visit. Pick your favorite resort and just lounge for an evening or two (or more!) and enjoy everything it has to offer. Imagine sleeping in and ordering breakfast in bed. Enjoying the pool/hot tub all day. Hitting the spa or taking part in one of the activities they have planned daily. Eating a nice dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Strolling the paths throughout the resort. Enjoying a nightcap together at one of the lounges. You can truly make “staying-in” at Disney World a memorable experience. (Maybe we’ll do a Most Romantic Resorts write up one day…)

(Wilderness Lodge is definitely our favorite resort on property. From the secluded feeling to the wondering paths, it makes us feel like were miles away, but still at home)

So there ya have it. Our top 10 most romantic things to do at Disney World. Now of course we haven’t had the opportunity to try everything Disney has to offer so we’re sure there’s plenty more that can be added and many (MANY) more restaurants could easily be added for a romantic meal (another good article idea for later)! Things from romantic horse drawn carriage rides at Port Orleans to a Hot Air Balloon ride at Disney Springs are also sure to bring your inner romantic out (but hey - we had to keep it to 10 lol). With so many romantic things to do at Disney we can’t wait to hear about YOUR favorites! So head on over to our FB group and continue the conversation by sharing you romantic Disney stories!

See Ya Real Soon - Matt and Krystle

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Krystle Woolley
Krystle Woolley
Mar 25, 2023

I think it’s time for a parents night out in Disney again!

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